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February 20, 2010

Convenient stuff
Yet another update for Disk Index Maker. From now on the search results stay available even if you switch to the folder panel and the advanced searches file size field supports decimal numbers. Download it now!

January 11, 2010

Small yet silly mistake
To cut a long story short: Disk Index Maker won't exit with a type mismatch when you try to access a disk's comment.

January 1, 2010

Website reworked
Happy new year everyone! The year 2010 begins with some changes made to to the website.

The forum has been closed down, effective immediately, for not being highly frequented, causing us to not catch every new post in an acceptable amount of time. Its successor is the new kind-of-guestbook web form.

And now some quite uninteresting details: The website has been reworked to not use frames any more. Even if the pages look as always, the inner workings have been refined. All pages are written in valid HTML and CSS now.

Update for an update and Windows 7
There was a bug in the last update that prevented compatibility to previous versions. A bunch of other bugs got fixed, the highlight being the files list won't flicker any more.

Task bar button with progress barFor it has not been mentioned the last time, it will be made up for now: Disk Index Maker is compatible to Windows 7 and even uses some of the operating system's new functions like the progress bar on the task bar button.

December 27, 2009

Important update for Disk Index Maker
The newest update for Disk Index Maker corrects some very nasty bugs which affect every disk added by the previous version. Installing the update is strongly recommended.

On adding comments were saved wrongfully and some ID3 tags could not be read. Besides, the alphabetical disk sort mode and finding disks or folders are fixed. These and many more changes are listed in the change log.

October 6, 2009

Disk Index Maker 2.6
There it goes again! Disk Index Maker has been reworked. The database format has been updated to improve browsing speed and a new alternative search function helps you to find similar files if a disk is indispensible at the moment.

Now we call it Disk Index Maker 2.6 and you can download it right away.

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