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Disk Index Maker


Disk Index Maker keeps the table of contents of your disks, so you don't have to worry to insert disks in order to browse their folders. An easy-to-use interface allows you to start immediately.

You know that? You're in a hurry, and while your dumb cat barks around you're trying to find that application you downloaded two months ago which just sort of provided the single solution to all of your problems. Trying to find the CD-ROM you burned it on, your huge pile of CD cases collapses leaving you in the middle of a pile of broken jewel cases and CD-ROMs. And, worst of all, a few splints of what used to be your favourite CD-ROM of Teamwork Software applications hit the cat. Well, at least you'll have something for dinner...

We provide an easier way: Disk Index Maker. Instead of searching your CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs yourself, just archive them in a database on your hard disk. That way, it'll take you just a few seconds to find what you're searching for and you'll spare your cat's life! So, it's fast, it's easy and it's... well, yes, it is.

Disk Index Maker is available for free and works well on Windows 98 and higher.


Like any other application, Disk Index Maker has got features. This is a list of some of them:

  • An easy-to-use Windows Explorer like interface
  • Browse your disks without inserting them in your drive
  • Reads the table of contents of any CD and DVD
  • All files are indexed in a real database
  • Comment on files and folders to find them even quicker
  • Get statistics of files, folders and the whole index
  • Advanced search will help you find a special file
  • Integrated password protection keeps your files secret
  • Open or copy files to your hard disk (of course you need to insert the appropriate disk for this)
  • Available in English and German

If you want to see some new features, if you need help using the program or if you have questions, just write us a mail. Perhaps your questions have been answered already in the FAQ section. Please also read the information on the donations page.