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Disk Index Maker


Why should you donate?

Disk Index Maker is freeware and may be used free of charge and without restriction in functionality. This shall not change in the future, nor will there be a forced registration or activation. If you like the application and you want to use it regularly, it is just fair, if you help us in return by donating a small amount of money. Therewith you support the further development of the program, which is very time consuming and you help to defer our running costs also.

The easiest way to donate is a bank transfer. If you transfer money from within Germany or the European Union, the incurring fees are low. If you don't transfer money from within the European Union, your bank can tell you the exact amount of fees which apply. Donations can be made using PayPal also.

We will then send you the registration key, which will deactivate the appeal for funds when closing Disk Index Maker.

How can you donate via bank transfer?

You can transfer the donation directly to our bank account. Please note that you have to provide your email address in the "reason for transfer / Verwendungszweck" field so we can send you the registration key. We will take the account owners name as username.
Holder: Alexander Brockmöller
Institute: Kreissparkasse Fallingbostel
Bank Code: 25152375
Account-No.: 2210474
IBAN: DE02251523750002210474

How can you donate via internet?

You need a PayPal account, which you can get for free, if you havn't already got one. Click the PayPal logo and follow the instructions shown. The data transfer uses a secure connection. Just donate an amount of money at your own discretion of at least 1.00€. You will have the registration key sent via email to the address you used with your PayPal account. Thanks.

Questions concerning donation?

If you have any question, we are at your disposal. Simply send an email to us.