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Operation Blitz Krieg

Info This application has not been updated for quite some time now and should therefore considered out-of-date. Future updates are improbable if not excluded.


Get out your 20mm Vulcan gun and have the fun of your life...

You are a soldier without a name, operating hidden. You are hired to save a peaceful country which is slyly attacked by a country near by. You begin with your HK P8 and time after time you get more and more weapons like Spas12 (Shotgun), Mac10 (Machine-Pistol), HK G36 (Assault Rifle), Panzerfaust 3 (Anti Tank Weapon) or even a 20mm Vulcan machine cannon. You have to do several jobs in more than 35 missions. Or you can even choose two more game modes like "Arcade" or "Against Time". There are three scenarios where you have to do your job: desert, woodland or arctic.

Stop the attack and save the country. All you have to do is to download the game!