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PowerTweax xp


4.0 Update #3

  • CHANGED: Registration removed - PowerTweax xp is freeware now
  • CHANGED: Welcome page optically reworked
  • CHANGED: Setup radically simplified
  • CHANGED: Help file updated to reflect these changes
  • CHANGED: Reworked icons for categories and frames
  • CHANGED: New splash screen image
  • FIXED: Default DesktopIcons wouldn't check initially
  • FIXED: Start menu entry frame now shows icons with index greater than 0
  • REMOVED: Some outdated property pages have been removed
  • REMOVED: Info to get updates from Teamwork

4.0 Update #2

  • ADDED: Switching ranges is faster now
  • ADDED: New Steal Focus frame
  • ADDED: FolderNames can now contain variables
  • ADDED: Help for Windows Activation Backup
  • ADDED: Help file got a search panel
  • ADDED: Small icons in menu bar
  • ADDED: Ok button in reminder dialog
  • CHANGED: Made exit message more Windows conform
  • CHANGED: Frames list now displays expand/collapse indicators
  • CHANGED: UserInfo now shows Service Pack info
  • CHANGED: FileNew doesn't accept dots in extentions anymore
  • CHANGED: Version history has a scrollbar now
  • FIXED: Toolbar not updating range status correctly
  • FIXED: TimeServer was linked to Account list
  • FIXED: BootImages could show 'black.bmp' in logo list
  • FIXED: BootImages gave an unlocalized error message
  • FIXED: DesktopIcons couldn't be hidden sometimes

4.0 Update #1

  • ADDED: New Folder Names frame
  • ADDED: New Time Server frame
  • ADDED: Program Access and Defaults added to Icons
  • ADDED: Find to Desktop and My Computer Icons
  • CHANGED: Width of side panel increased
  • CHANGED: Text color on main page changed to black
  • CHANGED: Buttons in Tour use Windows style properly
  • CHANGED: Corrected some help file texts
  • FIXED: PowerTweax xp won't stop working after dll update
  • FIXED: Problem with Kernel swapping option


  • Initial release