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Teamwork Software

About us

Teamwork Software is neither a company nor a corporation, even if this website uses the pronoun "we" when self-referencing. It all started in 1999 as a private project of two pupils from Germany wasting time coding stuff. By now many years have passed and school time lies behind us.

When not at study or at work, we use our free time to program all the stuff you see on this website. Thus, updates and new applications are added in irregular intervals, depending on how much time each member of our team has to spare.


Teamwork Software
Alexander Brockmöller
Weisser Kamp 44
D-29683 Bad Fallingbostel

Tel: 0174/7074328

The Coders

Alexander Brockmöller

Seated height: 1.40 m
Favourite time: Half past stuff
Deceased: No

Jan F. Weber

Seated height: ?
Favourite time: ?
Deceased: Unknown